Geting the error as HResult Code:- -2146233088

hi All,

While trying to run the BOT from the Package deployed on the Orchestrator we are getting the below error, multiple times. But when trying to run from Uipath or from the Tray we are not getting this Error
“The UiElement is no longer valid Exception HResult Code : -2146233088”

Any suggestion will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.


On which activity you are getting this error, check the selector and compare it with your DEV and other environment.

hey @sarathi125,

the same code and activity we are using in all environments. Attaching the complete error from Orchestrator Login

Reason: Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:Activity.ABCActivity;assembly=Activity.ABCActivty}ABCActivity’. Exception HResult Code : -2146233088

Hi @harsha8687,

Package containing ABCActivity is not available in Orchestrator because of which you are getting this error while executing the workflow from Orchestrator. Upload this package from Library section in Orchestrator.