Get value and append into excel

Hello i have difficulties…
I need to write file name into excel if it is a .txt file…
I use write cell with counter but the list is not growing and also created 10 lines before writing the first file name and 2 lines before writing the second file name.
I tried to use append but not too sure how to do it as the bot read e folder and its subfolder to get individual file name if file type is .txt
Please help😔


Can you share input sample and expected output as file? It’s no problem if dummy data.



in every sub folder:

to write filename.txt to excel:

for every run, suppose to continue to grow the list in the name column, without replacing existing data in the column…

Instead of using a write cell with counter, you could make use of a Write Cell activity for Excel. It comes with an “Auto Increment Row” option that you can click and if you are using a for each loop activity - it will automatically move to the next line without the need for a counter. Of course, to do this you’ll need to use an Excel Process Scope and Use Excel file activity as well.

Not sure if this helps but I hope it can at least give you some ideas :slight_smile:

with the auto increment row, on a second run the data in the column will be replaced…

Ah I see now what you meant by looking at your data. Have you tried perhaps using the Append Range activity?

as the file name is an individual value how to save as a range?


Can you try the following sample? (10.1 KB)


Yes, it work…
you are my saviour

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can i still check if i have need to read another text file to write into column 2, do i do the same step as you shared? and then do a join or a merge data table? so that the column 1 is filled by a text file and then column 2 is filled by another text file?


I think it depends requirement. Can you give us sample of input and output?





I think it’s better to change approach to achieve the above requirement.
Can you try the following sample?

Sample20231017-1L (2).zip (10.4 KB)


Can i check if i am able to spilt up the process…
The bot will run to get column A first den run again to write column B?

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