Get URL of HTML picture link

Hi guys,

I’ve a website where I want to extract the whole list of entries, including the URL of the magnifiying glass in the last column.

Please follow these steps to get this list:
open insolvenzbekanntmachungen
Search for

  • “Bundesland” = “Bayern”
  • “Gericht” = “Weiden i.d.OPf”
    → Search

Is there a chance to get the URL of the sub site?

Hello @Michael_Pittner

You can use Table extraction to achieve this. If a url exists then during table extraction it will ask to choose the url.


already tried, but there is no URL to extract with this activity.

can you use Table extraction and inspect on top of a magnifying glass?

If its not working then you may have to try with Get attriute and then do a loop to extract all the urls .


getAttribute “src” = empty
getAttribute “innerHtml” = empty