Get title of an element

Is it posible to get the value of a title in element in web?


I want to get 2/27/17, 12:10 PM


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Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue.

If you want to read any element from web page then use Get Text activity. If you are talking about the attributes of the element then use Get Attribute activity to do that.

Here’s an example element

When I use Get Text activity, I only get July 4 and when I use Get Attribute activity, I get empty string


Could you please show me screenshot of that element in the web page and also selector of Get Text activity. Will check and update you.


When you hover the mouse it will popup the 7/4/19, 9:43 AM

here is my get text selector: webctrl css-selector=‘span.fsm.fwn.fcg>a>abbr’ tag=‘ABBR’

this issue is been resolved in Updated Package UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities V 21.10.1

In Get Attribute Use “uipath-html-tittle”
Below Screenshot is attached.