Get the specific Data from XML file

Hai i want extract specific Data from XML file, I am new to XML automation please help me out to solve this. If possible plase share ur uipath xaml would be helpful for me
i share my .xml file here ,i want to extract “ES-Bristol-Myers Squibb Company-BMS-2017-001223” this text from the above xml file.

Thank u

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Hi @Suvera_Software ,
You have not attached the sample xml file to the topic. You can use the Deserialize XML activity to extract data from XML.

Hi @Suvera_Software

Have a look on the thread


ICHICSR-EVHUMAN_10007014175XML.xml (63.7 KB)

Here the xml file looks some how different from normal xml file, thats why i facing difficulty to extract that particular data.

As described here:

find starter help here:
ppr_XMLBox_Suvera_Software_V2.xaml (7.5 KB)

Please go through below post

Thank you for ur help @ppr

Thank You for ur response,it was more helpful for me @ushu

Thank u guys @ridvanucok @Gokul001

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