Get the path of an attachment

I have a process in which I need to extract the full path of an attachment obtained from an email that has been saved in a folder.

When I use the Save attachment activity, it saves it in a variable of type IEnumerable
How can I obtain from this variable the full path where the file was saved?

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Hi @Marisa_Ontiveros1

You are using the Save attachments activity right, then you have to Specify the folder path in the folder path field in properties.

The attachments in the mail will be saved in the given folder path. Then you can easily access those files.

Check the below image to where you can specify the folder path,

No need to create any variable to the output of Save Attachments activity.

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You can use For Each and pass the IEnumerable. This will give you all attachment paths.

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You can loop over the IEnumerable as mentioned by others above

Checking: if Attachments are present

Accessing by Index
myIEVar.ElementAt(0) - e.g. the first

Converting into a string array

FlatString creation
String.Join(" | ", myIEVar)

I can’t use a for each, because I already have it inside a for each email and I need to upload the file path one by one to the orchestrator queue. Is there a way to extract the path from the IEnumerable type variable?

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Why not. You can use another for each.


Sample code:
GetAttachments.xaml (11.7 KB)

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Because for each of the emails, each attachment is saved in a folder. And I need to upload to the queue the path of each of the attachments and the sender, the email address of the person who sent it.

I need to upload in each queue item the full path of the file and the email address of the person who sent it.

That’s why I’m looking if there is any way to extract the path of the attachment that is in the output of the save attachment activity, which is of type IEnumerable


This is highlighted logged code will give you attachment path.


You can use it to add to the queue.


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