Get text from data table

How can we get a particular cell text from data table?

Here we have a Table suppose Employee
EmpId | EmpName | EmpDob
111 | Anil |23062000
112 | Latam | 22051990

So for example we have Anil whose dob is 23062000 so the output should just be 111
So how can we get specific Id value

Thanks in Advance!!!

Hi @anmita ,

Have you tried to use the Lookup Datatable Activity ?

Hii @supermanPunch,
No have not tried with Look up

@anmita , Let us know what are the Input column values that you provide to get the Output Column Value.

Accordingly we can help you further with the approach.

Thanks @supermanPunch will try this approach!!!

Hi @anmita ,

You can also try the below approach to achieve the same :
EmpId (String Variable) = If(YourDT.Select(“[EmpName]='”+Yourname_variable+“'”).Count>0,YourDT.Select(“[EmpName]='”+Yourname_variable+“'”)(0)(“EmpId”),“NULL”)


Thanks its working with Lookup DataTable :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the approach @rohith.prabhu

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