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I’m trying to get data exact from this XML, from that strcuture. However, in the tag cac:attachemet/cac:ExternalReference/cbc:description I need to get for eampleTaxableamount currency ID (Result: 209160) and anothers. I built a “Build data table” with same reference, but It doesn’t work, I don’t get it. Anyone know how to solve it. I’m unsure if I’m wrong but that needded information is a label.

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XML is defining namespaces (maybe you already noticed it, as you reseacherd in the other topic)
can you please share the sample XML file with us? Thanks

Of course. That was suceessful. Even from that part I completed cells with needded information. Now, there’s information but as label, it’s not part of root such as: cac:senderparty/cac:partytaxscheme/cbc:company ID (this last one gives right information).

I need to get information that’s part of label, at least it’s what I notice.

I think I can’t share files yet. But here I go with a structure.

Structure of XML: At the end of this part there’re standards like Taxableamount, taxamount, tax percent, etc… that are what I need. It’s similar to past forum (Known Data1.xml)

Structure that I did in Xpath:

Is there no XML (XML Data as text) available. From the screenshot not all mandatory details can be cleared. Just ry to rename the extension to txt

have a check on the post, we cant see the xml. just try and txt like myXMLFile.xml.txt and post the file here.

Mac Center1.xml (36.7 KB)

we can access the embeded XML document and parse it again as XML Document

Extract / Demo Flow:

Demo log:

Handling namespaces as described here:

and also here:

Find starter help here:
XML_Namespace_NestedXML_01.xaml (12.6 KB)

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Thanks a lots!

Now I have a question. I already could get several data from this structure, I have an Attribute into XML known as “Country subentity”, when I just use “Country” I got several data, but only I need value into “Country subentity”. How to word that space between Country and subentity. I tried with .String.empty but I wasn’t lucky.

Elements must not have spaces within the name.

Accessing this element can be done as e.g. described on the different links or schow cased on the XAML. Kindly note: CountrySubentity is an XML Element not an XML Attribute. XML Names are case sensitive

Thank you for your response.

However, I noticed this into label, as separated. Now, I notice that it’s a piece of cake to get there root.

If I try to get data for example: TaxAmount currency ID, that has exact value that is I need too, How to word that space? I tried with (//cbc:”TaxAmount” +.String.empty + “currencyID”) surely It’s wrong ‘cause it seems no be functionally.

do not mix up elements and attributes:

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