Get sheets without using excel scope

Hello All,

I have a scenario I want to fetch sheets name from Excel but u could not use Excel scope.
I am not well aware with invoke code that how I can use invoke code for the same

Any examples will be helpful


@Chirag1991 - Yes you can do using “Get sheet name” from the BalaReva.Excel.Activities



Write Line: String.Join(Environment.NewLine, Sheets)

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Hi @Chirag1991,

we can do that with INVOKE CODE activity where we can mention the code to get all the sheet name from a excel but using EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE is very easy.

Refer this Below Link hope this helps you


Hello I do not see this activity in my uipath, could you tell me the version of this mine studion is 19.10

@Chirag1991 - Go to Manage Packages…and add the below package…

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Helllo guys, i reach the goal on my end with Python. Try to following these steps:

  1. Install Python 3.6 version (latest supported by uipath was 32 bit i guess)
  2. Use my flow as reference to understand how it works (please consider that maybe you need to install a different version of python)
    best regards, (41.2 KB)