Get Sheets in Modern Excel Activities

Can we have Get Sheets activity in Excel Modern Activities. OR Way to access a sheet using index. e.g Excel.Sheet(0) ?


You can use for each sheet activity…which accesses each in row…and can stop execution if your required sheet is found

Or if there is only one sheet and you want to read it then can use Excel.SelectedSheet


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Unfortunately, there is no GetWorksheets activity in ModernExcel… How about using classic GetWorksheets activity? It also works inside UseExcelFile as the following. (9.5 KB)


Hi @vasanth8891 ,

Thank you for sharing this feed, we’re currently tracking on improving the Excel modern experience and I’ve added this insight to it. We’ll let you know here once we have any updates.

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Thanks. Have quick question. Can we use Excel Classic Activities inside Excel Modern containers Excel Scope ? Is it Recommended / Robust / Seamless?

Yes, in the meantime you can use a Classic Excel activity within a Modern scope, it shouldn’t have any impact in terms of performance.

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I used Excel.Sheet(Excel.SelectedSheet.Name) and it give me the first Sheet Name.