Get Rows Count from a grid in a browser application

Hello, I have a use case where I need to get the number of rows that are present in a grid. The application is browser based. Please let me know any ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Use Table Extraction, it’ll get the data then you can get a count.

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use datascraping or tableExtraction

gives you the output as datatable

use datatable.rows.count

gives you the count of the rows

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Hi @Himanshu_Punj

You can use the Extract datatable activity to extract the data as datatable.
After that you can know the rows number by ExtractDatatable.RowsCount which gives the row count.

Hope it helps!!

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Thanks, I was able to resolve it.

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Thank you @Himanshu_Punj

I hope you find the solution which help for other forum members.

Happy Automation!!