Get row index of duplicated rows

I have two data tables - I would like the bot to identify duplicated rows in table b then the entire row is removed.

Table a:

Table b:

Note that columns J and K are different therefore I cannot just see if there are duplicated rows and remove them.

To do this, I would like to read the range of columns A:G in both tables, get the rows indexes where there are matches then use that row index to remove the entire row from table b.

Please could you advise how I would get the row indexes of the matches? I attempted to use the lookup activity but that seems to only look at one column and not a range?


@E.T.S (2.0 KB)
Please find the attaches process hope it works for you


Your solution worked in this post: Remove duplicated rows - in selected range - #19 by E.T.S

Therefore will mark this as the solution

Thanks for your help!


Please Mark my workflow as solution

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