Get Python Object: Error converting Python object (Sending wav file)

I’m sending a “.wav” file as an argument and setted the type as System.IO.File but getting the below error:

Any solution?

Thank You


Go through this Vedio
it will clear your all doubs
How to Execute Python Scripts in UiPath RPA |Python Scope in Uipath| Load Python scripts in uipath - YouTube

Hi @Rounak_Kumar1 , I had go through this video, but in this video it’s passing normal integer value, but I’m sending audio file as an argument

and getting Error converting python object

Hi @Mamata_Shee

Write your python code in such a way that it accepts the file path (i.e., string). It would be much easier than. You won’t get these issues. Try It.

Hi @kumar.varun2
Still getting the same error…

The error solved, there was a problem with return statement in the python script.


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