Get Outlook Mail Message Parse Condition Error


I’m trying to create a simple Get Outlook Mail Message activity with the following filter:


But i got this error when i run:
Get Outlook Mail Messages: Cannot parse condition. Error at “(”.

Attached image shows the error.

It was strange because this worked before but somehow started to have this error after meddling with Trigger scope (but i doubt it has got to do with it).

The filter was adapted from this article:

Many thanks for any help/advice rendered.

Hi @pendroidtest ,

From the Article it is mentioned that the Filter is to be used on the Save Attachment Activity and not the Get Outlook Mail Messages Activity.

If you want to use a Filter based on Subject or Body. It Can be done in multiple ways, one of the ways is mentioned in below post :

Let us know what is the actual operation that you are trying to perform to help further.

Hi @supermanPunch

Thanks for pointing out, i must be having some serious lack of sleep. Yes the filter was previously set under “Save Attachment” and after meddling with Outlook Mail Message Trigger it somehow got moved into Get Outlook Mail Mesage activity.

All is good now. Thanks so much.

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