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Hi Team,
i am running workflow with Get Outlook email.
Let say i pick top 5 emails to process with emails body
4 email able to process with if condition and 1 email for separate condition getting error.
how i can still can get the 1 email left to process by exclude the other 4 that already processed?

Can you share the exact error for 1 mail condition

hi @balaraj.pubalan
I not really clear this requirements, my understand is we get top 5 email,
for each email with if to process, we have else

or you can get index of that error mail from list mail

hope it help,

Hi bro, here is the workflow.
1.Get Outlook Email (Top 5)
2.Delete Email where keyword match (Excel List)
3. Export the Email that not match the keyword and delete.

Result should be 4 Match & Export 1 email.

My problem is:
the Export error at Delete the email where it rereferring back the 4 email that already deleted.

I think i should put condition where the email body did not match the keywords get export right?

Yeah you can use the condition for that export only


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Hi bro,
i get this error for IF condition.

Hi @balaraj.pubalan

can you debug and that if the value variable because the its null that’s why its getting error

I have fix it the null error because the excel keyword sheet was blank. somehow i get all email get exported because of Get Outlook Email . any idea how to exclude the other email not list in export list bro? i try to do export not match but seems no luck. Not sure there is any other way to minus out the emails?


You can move the processed emails to a separate folder so that they are not processed again


Hi bro, the process store in the variable for the Get outlook email…how to work with index?

Suppose Variable = EmailList

1.To access a specific email by index, you can use the square bracket notation emailList[index]. For example, if you want to access the first email in the list, you can use emailList[0] since list indices are zero-based.

2.You can then work with the properties of the selected email, such as subject, sender, body, attachments, and more. For example, to get the subject of the first email, you can use emailList[0].Subject.

For example you can try this

Assign activity: emailSubject = emailList(0).Subject


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ListOfEmails(0) will give the first email

If you need all then use for each email or for each loop and change type argumen to mailmessage and then inside loop use currentitem as single email…

Currentitem.Body gives the body…similrly for other attributes

Hope this helps


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I think i found the solution.
I move the emails to diffrent folder (exm: Export) and make it to detect content where it should move the email.

i follow this :slight_smile:

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