Get numeric value after '/' symbol

I have string array like as below,
Invoice Details Invoice 1/1
Invoice Details Invoice 1/ 3
Invoice Details Invoice 1 / 2

I want the total number of invoices from above string array to be printed in message box.

@akshay765 Can you elaborate what is the output you are expecting from the above string.

@ indra The numeric value after ‘/’ symbol

@akshay765 You can do by using split operation can you specify from where you are getting this value.

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hi @akshay765,

Split string operation or using regex are the best choice for your case.

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@ indra I get this values from txt file


Use for each and pass the array and change the argument type to string.

Then in Message box : string.split(yourString,“/”)(1) or YourString.split("/"c)(1)

Using regex: “BackwadrSlash/\d” will give you the required output.

try this and let me know

hi @akshay765
hope the attached workflow helps you. (1.9 KB)

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@Sriram07 thank you it worked fine.

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@akshay765 Here is a xaml for future references. (11.4 KB)

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