Get mails activity windows legacy problem

Hi i have tried this on the same machine same settings but with only the difference Windows / Windos Legacy. With windows legacy works correctly with windows not.

The windows version get mail message:
GmailMessage[1] { GmailMessage ! < NotSupportedException> … }
The windows legacy version not.

Could be a problem with the package windows version ?

Someone had the same problem (CSharp version) ?

In my case only 1 email adress works correctly in windows mode, others not.

Hey Fabrizio,

We are not aware of any issue with updating Windows Legay to Windows for this activity.

Can you give some more details so, we can support you?

Thank you,

Hi Alexandru,
Contacting your support solved the problem.
Thank you very much

I am happy to see my colleagues were able to solve the issue.