Get latest email from gmail

Hi I’m using the GSuite gmail activity. I want to fetch latest email from a specific sender. I want to use GSuite(or Gmail’s) activites.


Try giving the max count as 1 and check …that would retrieve only one mail and as it sorts should be the first or last…if its last then uou need to get the maximum number of mails and then get the last mail instead


Hi @swapnil.soni
Try below method


Kaviyarasu N

How exactly can you provide some screenshot?

Hi @Kaviyarasu_N I think I might not have “Use Gmail” activity. These are all I have can you check from these ones and send please if possible

You can install UiPath.mail package with latest version to get this activity




Hi @Anil_G I think its outlook module
Outlook module can fetch Gmail? Because from the icon I can identify its outlook and my question is for gmail. Sorry if I’m doing wrong I’m new to this tool.


My bad…this is the activity


to make this easier. You can create special label in your Gmail that will automatically store all emails from that specific person. Then you can make robot to fetch email from that Label only.


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