Get Last working day of a quarter

Hello Everyone,

Needed some help !!

Can anyone guide how to take out last working day of a quarter
for example in my case financial year or simply year starts from Feb.
So the 1st quarter would be (Feb, March,April) . I want to take out the last working day of the quarter ie. last working day of April an so on for the coming quarters

Any leads would be appreciated!

Hi @Shikhar_Tandon,

Basically retrieve each end month of the quarter, try the last day of month and test if it’s a working day or not with a loop.

Ex : While DayOfWeek of the tested date is different to 6 and 0 (sunday and saturday) , rewind one day.

The main problem if there is some “non working day” outside of the weekend at the end of the month, you can googling a script for this.


If you need to consider national holiday, the following custom activities package helps you.
It will return the day you want, if you set May 1st and “previous working day”.