Get information out of a String using Keywords and Comma, having amounts

Hello community,

i am new on this platform and hope you can help me with my problem. Reading different solvings of string manipulations and other topics, i can´t find a solution for my special problem.

What do i want ?
I have exact one string with information in it. This string is not sorted or everytime in the same order. I have Keywords and as delimiter the comma, but also amounts in it (Problem to split by comma)

Keywords: AB , BC, CD, DE ( one or all or nothing of it)
delimiter: ,
AB 123554, BC 123,54, CD H Sven, 22.10.2021, #text to ignore
BC 123,54, CD H Sven

i want to split the information into new strings:

AB = 123554
BC = 123,54
CD = H Sven
Date = 22.10.2021
AB = is empty
BC = 123,54
CD = H Sven
Date = is empty

maybe this is easy for you, but i am struggling.
Thank you very much to help with this.

Hi! @JayLee , welcome to community!

check this out!


Hi @JayLee

This can be done as follows


AB = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=AB )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)") is Nothing, "", Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=AB )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)").ToString)

BC = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=BC )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)") is Nothing, "", Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=BC )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)").ToString)

CD = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=CD )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)") is Nothing, "", Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=CD )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)").ToString)

DE = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=DE )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)") is Nothing, "", Regex.Match(inputStr, "(?<=DE )[\w\ ]+(?=\,)").ToString)

Date_ = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, "[0-3][0-9].[0-1][0-9].\d{4}") is Nothing, "", Regex.Match(inputStr, "[0-3][0-9].[0-1][0-9].\d{4}").ToString)

Please find the attached xaml file for your reference

ABBCCDDEDate.xaml (7.3 KB)

Hi @kumar.varun2 ,

thank you for the quick answer to my problem!

I run your .xaml and do a write line , to get the information.
Unfortunately , the BC is not working for me , cause it is cutting the amount at the comma

outcome is perfect except the BC(amount):

AB = 123554, BC ist 123, CD is H Sven, DAte is 22.10.2021, DE is

How can i solve it , to get the full amount of 123,54 and as additional question, , what if there is a currancy behind the amount(can be different and nothing) and i want the currancy too ?
again , a first example with small change to understand the working of regex
AB 1235-54Bd, BC 123,54 USD, CD H Sven, 22.10.2021, #text to ignore

How do i have to change the AB Part , if want to get all the information alphanumerical or let me say , everything i can enter with the keyboard( §$-/±@aB[ } )

is it correct , to write this Date as i do in the month part?
Date_ = If(Regex.Match(inputStr, “[0-3][0-9].[0-1][0-2].\d{4}”) is Nothing, “”, Regex.Match(inputStr, “[0-3][0-9].[0-1][0-2].\d{4}”).ToString)
What if the date is coming only with 2 digits year (31.10.21) - can i use then \d{2] ? and how can i mix both?

Thank you again for your help! I am learning much more better with examples.

Hi @JayLee

Can you list down the all possibilities if possible with one example of each and the corresponding output.

Hi @kumar.varun2 ,

i try my best…

You can have all the keywords and the date in different order
AB 123, CD H Sven, 22.10.21, BC 123,54 USD

CD= H Sven
Date= 22.10.21
BC=123,54 USD

AB 123, BC 123,54 USD, CD H Sven, 22.10.21

BC=123,54 USD
CD= H Sven
Date= 22.10.21

AB could have alpha and numerical digits
AB 123 >outcome AB = 123
AB 123-45 > AB= 123-45
AB 123/45 > AB= 123/45
AB 123ABC/45 > AB= 123ABC/45
AB 123-45/2021 > AB= 123-45/2021

BC is an amount with or without a currency
BC 123,54 > outcome BC= 123,54
BC 123,54 USD > out BC = 123,54 USD
BC 123,54 INR > out BC = 123,54 INR

CD is always alphabetical with mix of capital letters and small Letters(normally names)
CD H Sven >out CD= H Sven
CD F Gisela >out CD= F Gisela
CD H John Doe > out CD= H John Doe
CD F Jane Doe > out CD= F Jane Doe

The date can vary
22.10.21 > out Date=22.10.21
22.10.2021 > out Date=22.10.2021
everytime in the order of day,month,year

It is possible , that i get only single information in the string or all of them
BC 123,50 USD, CD H John Doe
CD H John Doe
AB 123ABC/45, CD H John Doe, BC 123,50 USD

…hm, thats a lot…
hope this will help better to understand the target outcome.
Thank you very much for your help

Hi @JayLee

Find the updated xaml

ABBCCDDEDate.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hi @kumar.varun2

wow! this is exactly :100:, what i am searching for - many thanks for your help!

Now i understand , that i can use | for adding a condition. But what is in the BC the last “,$” ?

Regards and respect

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