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Hey y’all,

I have a problem in my workflow where I’m stuck since 2 days and would be really happy to get some help.
So I’m basically trying to scrape Results from Google Images.

Meaning: The bot types in a word like “Oreo” and “” (just examples, the real use case is not walmart and because of the structure of the real sites I can not scrape from their pages as I want to) and waits for Google Images to load the results. Then clicks on the first image (becuase otherwise the src is just a micro thumbnail) saves the description and the image (as src instead of text). The first image always works. But most of the other images just result in sth. like this: … and so on.

I’m using extract data table for this.

Thank you so much for any help!

Hello @lb1

Can you use Get Attribute and try to fetch the src link? That link can be used to download the file.


we can convert the Base64 string back into bytes and then save the file, when src is not pointing to a resource file

Thank you so much, you sent me to the right direction!

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