Get IBM Notes Mail Message - MailMessage Object - some fields are empty

Hi there,

Anyone encountered the same problem before:

Get IBM Notes Mail Message, inside MailMessage object, only subject & body have contents, other From, to, c.c. are all empty.

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Hello @kevinok,
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Have you wrote the password attribute to the activity?

Hi Pablito,

Yes, we had, otherwise we couldn’t even got the subject and body contents. Just all other fields are emply.

Any chance about settings? We had worked on the Location profile before in order to get connect, before that, we’re not even able to access the mailbox.

Thanks & b.rgds.

Are you able to show/attach this part of your workflow related to Get IBM Notes Mail Message? Please just remove any sensitive data from it.

Hi Pablito,

I’d replied by email, but got the following error feedback:-

Sorry, new users can’t put attachments in posts.
Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

How could I send you the attachments?

Thanks & b.rgds.

Oh sorry. I forgot about that part. Can you please tell me if your Get IBM Notes Mail Messages activity is nested is any other activities? Have you tested it alone to check if it will catch all data?

Yes! We’d tested it alone without nested in any other activities, but we still got some fields empty.

Hi Pablito,

We suppose we’re not the only company which encountered such issue, unless we had some wrong settings with our Notes system which caused such problem with UiPath activity. Have you received any other similar questions from other companies?

Thanks & b.rgds.

At the moment this is the only case we had such issue. If you are on Enterprise Edition you can also contact with our Technical Support. I think they also might help here :slight_smile:

Now ,I was faced the same issue,is it Solved?

Try to use the latest UiPath.Mail.Activities Package which is still in preview i.e (1.9.0-preview)

With this I could able to get the newest mails first and all the other mail properties are accessible.

To access the preview packages click on Include pre-release in package manager