Get Encrypted Outlook Emails

Hello all,

Does anybody know how to read the information (from, body, attachments…) of an Outlook email that is encrypted? I have searched already here in the forum but apparently there is no solution to this problem yet regarding normal Outlook activities.

Is there any piece of code on that does that? Does anybody have a solution for this?



Welcome to UiPath Community!

How the outlook emails are encrypted, use the same algorithm to decrypt the mails.

Thank you!

And what is the algorithm to encrypt the emails?

usually we will have some encryption keys to encrypt the personal data or contact info or any confidential data, so if we want to read the same after retrieving them back or sending it to someother user, you need to have that encryption key to decrypt that. If we miss even a single character or the case of the letter, it won’t work.

In this case I have the encryption key to decrypt the email.

I was just wondering if it is possible to read the email without opening the Outlook app and do it in the interface. The best option would be to do it automatically without opening the app.