Get distinct value and before get district add there value

Hi I have a scenario where I do have an excel and I have to find distinct value.
Distict value I have but here is we have one more condition

Suppose we have three rows duplicate and they have column ‘P’ which has some value so bot should add all 3 ‘P’ column and then disticnt and then bot should write the sum of 3 value to the P column

Hi @Chirag1991 ,

Could you please Provide an Example for your Query? As it will be more helpful to identify the Problem and we would be able to Provide a Solution as fast as possible.

For Quicker Assistance, below items would be helpful.

  1. Input Data (Screenshot or Excel file)
  2. Operation to Be Performed.
  3. Output Data (Screenshot or Excel file)

if you see the output it has distinct value but it has sum p of p column so, as many lines got removed there P column value added to one rows

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