Get Differece Data from two files

I am new to RPA I need to get the difference between two text files. Can someone help in achieving this?

May I know what type of file is that excel or text
Cheers @yogavalli

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Two text files.

Fine we can do like this
Like use Two READ TEXT FILE activities and get the output for those text files as strinput1 and strinput2

Then use a assign activity like this
Where mention like this
arr_input1 = Split(str_input1.ToString,” “)
And another assign activity like this
arr_input2 = Split(str_input2.ToString,” “)

Where arr_input1 and arr_input2 is a variable of type Array of String

Now use a Assign activity like this
arr_output = arr_input1.Except(arr_input2).ToArray()

Where arr_output is a variable of type array of string

Now to get that arr_output as a string

Kindly let know if you have any different requirements from this

Cheers @yogavalli

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Hello @Palaniyappan,

I have tried same thing,I am unable to get output values.

my output value :