Get Datatable Row value based on a search string

Hi All,

I’m new to Ui Path and working on datatable.
I have a query to get the Column name based on a string value.

From the above, I want to get the complete row value in which contains(“How”).
Can have multiple rows which contains (“How”), I want the row values as concatenated string and I dont know the column index/name(can vary).


Hello Megh and welcome to the community!

Is “How” only going to be present in the Column3 or it can be found anywhere in the DataTable?

It can be found anywhere in the datatable.

FindHow.xaml (9.6 KB)

So you are first going to loop through the Rows, then the Columns, to search every item in the DataTable.
After that, you are going to check for the “How” word, if that word is found somewhere, you are going to use String.join(",",Row.itemArray) to get the whole Row value.

Hope it is clear

Did this help you @Megh

Yes, Thank you

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