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Hi I’m new in uipath

I want to get today date format as “11June2020” without space. How can I do that?
I find this method “now.ToLongDateString()” and the result is ----> “Thursday, 11 June 2020”

But i would this format “11June2020”
How can I do that?

Thanks in advance


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thanks @Anthony_Humphries but with your method the result is this “11/06/2020”

Something else in your workflow is causing that. Here is what my post does:


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thank you yes with the message box the output is like your image but I forgot to explain that the date must be written in an excel cell, do you know how to do that?

thanks in advance

It depends on how you’re going about writing to excel. If you’re writing a datatable to Excel, you’ll need to set a String type column in the datatable to what I’ve given above. If you’re using the Excel Application Scope, you can use the Write Cell activity to pick a specific cell in your workbook to which to write the string.

yes sorry again, because if I use your method when I then go to write on the cell excell converts so “11/06/2020”. Like my images

write cell activity:
cell Excel


Try changing it to String.Concat("'", Now.toString("ddMMMMyyyy")). The ' should force Excel to read what you’ve entered as a string.

now it works, thank you so much for your help

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