Get creation date of and excel file [New Issue]

Hi, This is a 2.0 problem version of another post with the same name.

The differences is about the creation date of an excel file when this excel is copied from another place.

with the sentence used in the other post the robot is giving me date when the file appears for the first time in my pc. But if you open the excel file in properties you can see Creation Date (A couple of months before) and Last Changes Date (one month before)

The sentence used in the other post is this one:
Directory.GetFiles(new DirectoryInfo(varDirectoryInfo).FullName).Where(Function(x) New FileInfo(x).CreationTime.Date = DateTime.Today.Date)

I’m also change it for other sentences but it doesn’t work:

  • file.GetCreationTime(Directory + fileName).ToString(“ddMMyyyy”)
  • new FileInfo(Directory + fileName).CreationTime.ToString(“ddMMyyyy”)
  • new DirectoryInfo(Directory + fileName).CreationTime.ToString(“ddMMyyyy”)

All this are giving me the date when the file appears into the system but no de Creation date that appears into the excel file.

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.

The info that I need is the Creation Date that we can find in the properties of the file, in “Details” section but right now is taking the info from the “File” properties and I need it from de “origin” properties.

Thank you