Get contents of only top most mail in email chain

I am extracting tables from emails using the custom activity ‘extract datatables from HTML’.
All the emails I need to read will be in response to an email the bot sends, so they will be in an email chain. I need to extract the content of only the replies. So, I may have 5 unread emails and I need to only extract the tables from the reply, NOT the tables from the original email the bot sent.

Does anyone know how I can do this? Currently the activity is working correctly and extracting tables for each unread mail message but it is getting the tables from both the original sent message and the reply.

  1. Apply rule to your mailbox, so all the email received will move to the particular folder.

2.then select the folder options from property


That does not work as the whole chain is moved to a new folder

are you using outlook?

yes. I am using get mail activity inside a Microsoft office 365 scope.

What kind of rule do you mean exactly? Maybe I am using the wrong rule…


In outlook we have an option to manage rules and alerts.

In manage and rules, create a rule so that a specific kind of data is move to that folder.

case scenario if mail contains specific information only, it will the move the mail to specific folder.

Once the mails are move to specific folder, in robot use that specific folder to fetch the details.

Yes, that is what I have done. I still have the same problem. The tables from the entire chain are extracted not just the table from the reply.