Get Complete Date Format : MM/DD/YYYY


Based on Some inputs in Excel : Month, Day, and Year as strings, I want to get the Complete Date Format as follows : MM/DD/YYYY


Take a look at some online sources, such as this one:

I think you just need to construct the date with each value.
Let’s assume you use an Excel Read Range and a ForEach to process each row. It might look like this:

For each row in dt1
    Assign activity: row("Date") = (new DateTime(CInt(row("Year").ToString),CInt(row("Month").ToString),CInt(row("Day").ToString))).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

Excel Write Range

Note: I didn’t test this.

The part of .ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”) is just so you can format it the way you want and uses similar formatting as you see in Excel Format Cell options.

I hope this helps.


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Hi @hsendel,

Canyou check the attach file. I hope this helps, (19.1 KB)



Thanks Jyotika. Well Done :slight_smile:

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