Get Column values based on another column value

Hi All,

My requirement is two get the ‘R’ column value if ‘S’ value is Fedex.

Below are the column screenshots,

R column:

R column

S column:

s column

Can I know which activities used for this logic.

Thanks in advance.


You have multiple options:

Using Filter Datatable Activity:

using an assign activity:
yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (row) row(“Carrier”).toString.Trim.StartsWith(“Fedex”)).Select(Function (row) row(“Mwb #”).toString).toList

returning a String List with all Values from Mwb # Column matching Carrier Column starting with Fedex

Kindly Note: according to your screenshots instead of Fedex mabye Federal should be used

Hi @ppr, thanks for the reply.
Yes instead of Fedex, I will use Federal itself.

Let us know your open questions. If it is working close the topic with flagging the solving post as solution. Others can benefit from this. Thanks

Yeah Sure.