Get Cell Color does not work for conditional formatting

I have done a few research on the forum on how to identify if an excel cell is highlighted by a certain colour.

The most useful that I found was in here Check cell color in excel file and handle!

So, I have modified the conditions in the excel file and tested the code in the above thread and found out that the get cell color activity works perfectly fine if you are using Fill color in a cell manually. However, it does not identify the colour of the cell if a conditional formatting is applied.

In the file there are 2 sheets. Sheet 1 has the cells filled by colour manually using fill color. The bot reads them perfectly. In Sheet 2 a conditional formatting has been applied where ID=1 highlight the cell in yellow.

The same code does not give the result when ran on Sheet 2.

It would be really helpful if someone can advice a way around.Cell_Color_Sample.xaml (9.6 KB)

I have uploaded the .xaml file and currently facing issues uploading the excel file. I will upload it as soon as the upload works. However, the excel is same as the one in here: Check cell color in excel file and handle!

Just an additional sheet has been added to test it with conditional formatting.

I got the same problems with you. Get Cell Color activity does not work with cell formatted by rule. Till find solution :frowning:

Any solutions/workarounds for this please?

Any findings on the solution yet, please share @Sayan @Ginta @Visala_Ramanathan

Any solutions/workarounds yet?? Please share!

Hi, I used macro to determine colors.