Get attatchment from e-mail

I always receive an e-mail with an attatchment, both always with the same name. I need to download the latest attatchment received from the inbox. How can I do that?

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Hope these steps would help you resolve ths
–use GET OUTLOOK mail activity and get the output with a variable of type list of mailmessage named list_mails
–now pass this variable as input to FOR EACH activity and change the type argument as
–inside the loop use SAVE ATTACHMENT activity pass the mail as item and folder path where we want to save the attachment

Cheers @Giulia_G

1.Use Get outlook mail message and save output as Mails
2.Then Use invoke method activity.

Target Type- Null
Target Object-Mails
Method Name-Reverse

3.Then use for each activity and pass variable Mails with type argument

4.Inside for each use save attachment activity…It will save the latest attachment.