Get all new completed tasks

Hi all,

I would like to design a workflow that read all the completed tasks on the actions center regoularly. The problem is: how can I know if I already read a specific task with my workflow?

I thought of using “lastmodificationtime” and store the latest I have read and then get all the task older than that. The problem here is the limit of 1k of task the activity can read. What if I have more? Should I have a cycle? how to design it?

Hope it is clear.

Bye all

Hi @Simone_Lenti ,

I would recommed you to keep a track of your tasks in database or in excel file.

you can add columns like task id, task status, task url…and whenever the task status is InProgress or is Completed, simply update it in the db/excel at every stage.

This way you can keep track of your tasks.