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I need to get the DIV and corresponding P tags in a page. Once I find the DIV tag text I need to extract the text from the P tag after it.

Can someone help me with this ?

had you tried find children Activity so far?

Yes, I am using find children with this filter webctrl tag=‘div’/. But this gives me only div tag items. I am searching for the key word in those DIV tag items. I need to get the “p tag” items immediately after the div tag item text

it would be better to share structure details with us. Give a try on

Find children - output: childrens

For each Activity | item in childrens | TypeArgument: UiElement

  • log message:
item.FindFirst(FindScope.Find_Descendants, new Selector("<webctrl tag='p' />"),nothing).Get("innertext").toString.Trim

Keep in mind: with more element sctructure details, we can maybe go also for another option

Here is the structure.

For example on this page with Find children using DIV tag I can find “Heading”.

After I find that I need to get the P tag values after it.

Here is the structure

UPD1 - will work when div is parent to p elements

This is the error message I see. When I used that

show all modelling details

we updated above - as div is not parent to the p elements, so we get no p elements

in such a scenario it might be an option to model it as an series parser and

  • react on div
  • react on p

Can you give me XAML file code how to do this ?

just give us the sample html as text file and we will work against this demo data

New Text Document.txt (1.6 KB)

we would recommend to do some more detail checks and fine tuning

Have a flow like this:

With find children details:

"<webctrl  css-selector='div.heading4 , div.heading4 ~ p'  />"

And a target set to a reliable parent element to the div / p elements

would receive a series like this (refering to the logs:)

"Process: " & xe.Get("tag").toString
"Process: " & xe.Get("text").toString

And it could be used for post processings e.g. div and corresponding p segmentation

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