Get a specific number from string


If I have something like this as String:
Moh, Ahm / 02.08.18 12:11

How can I get (02.08.18) and save it in variable?

@UiMe can you give some more example string


String: ABC, EFG / 25.07.19 16:30:

How to save in variable Date like this?

@UiMe Try with below code

Assign v1 = “ABC, EFG / 25.07.19 16:30:”

Assign v1= v1.Split("/".ToCharArray)(1)

Assign Date =v1.Split(" ".TocharArray)(1)


Attached is the working example

Main.xaml (5.8 KB)


Thanks. That works, when I change 0 to 1 at the end of last line like this:
Assign Date =v1.Split(" ".TocharArray)(1)

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HI @indra
which programming language you depend on for this? Thanks!

@UiMe Dot net