Get a list of files from a Directory


I am looking to get a list of documents withing a specific directory Directory.GetFiles(“address”).

This is giving me the complete file name but cannot figure how to get this broken down to the individual document names


for each item in Directory.GetFiles(“address”)


Thanks for the quick reply theo500. I have already tried this however the output gives me the full address for the document (inc the document name) i.e “C:\users\documents\test1.xls”. I would like the output to only include the document name i.e. “test1.xls”


you will need another variable declared of type System.IO.FileInfo and assign the item from the loop

pseudo code

for each item in directory.getfiles()
myFileInfoVar = new FileInfo(item)
messagebox myFileInfoVar.Name

Exact Folder name in an Array

Thank you for the quick reply, I certainly appreciate the help

I am receiving a compiler error of the system.IO.fileinfo variable


add a ToString after the item:
new Fileinfo(item.tostring)

i didn’t noticed that i changed the TypeArgument into string for the loop


Thanks theo500, in addition I needed to add a .ToString on the message box variable for this to run.

The output was the full “C:\users\documents\test1.xls” string again instead of just the file name.

Thanks for your continued help


Cool! In addition a training on datatypes would be helpful too.


in the message box you must put test.Name (instead of test.toString). This property returns only the file name

let me know if this worked


Thanks theo500, you are a legend. This worked perfectly.


When you have a full path, you can also use:
Path.GetFileName(fullPath) and Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fullPath)
Both will return strings and you don’t need to create additional variables.


Hi theo500. I applied your method and it returns me only the last file name in alphabetic order.
Any chance to share XAML? or more explanation on what could be wrong in my selections? BR


hope this will work fine for u


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