Generate Yearly Report Failed twice

Hi Guys!!!
I am stuck with level 3 assignement 2-Generate yearly report. I have attempted the evaluation twice and both the times i got 0/100, i just dont understand why, when i run the dispatcher and performer both seems to work fine. i zipped both the projects in one zip file and uploaded it to the uipath academy. there is no comment given explaining what is wrong with my programs. could someone pls guide me. i have checked the previous messages in forum but nothing seems to be of help. also evaluation takes more than 1 day to give the result.

pls advice…

Run your workflow and upload it. Do not refresh the yearly report data again after you upload your workflow.


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@Devjyoti_Bhattachary run your project and record the whole session from start to end and upload the recorded video on the uipath academy. this will work properly.


Thanks Achal it worked !!! and i have passed this assignment.
Thanks a zillion…

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