Generate Xpath

In my XML file , each tag is coming with expanded nms prefixs and I need to extract the data from the xml.
But Execute Xpath activity is not accepting these Xpath and I don’t know how to extract the data.

Hi @agathiyanv,

In this video, he talks about the xml and xpath relationship, and then shows how to run XPath on UiPath. It might work for you.

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I have an issue with this Execute Xpath activity. It won’t allow the nms perfix and extended nms prefix

it’s about XML Namespaces which need to be handled

and for XPath we can use the namespace manager

in some cases, we can work with the local name only like

How we can handle the name space while passing the Xpath in Execute Xpath Activity?

Kindly note: our first and second suggested approaches did not used the Execute XPath Activity

the docu gives us not any hint on this and also the internal implementation is unclear / hidden for us

feel free to provide a feedback to UiPath team by posting a feedback on this here

As mentioned as the third option and depending on your XML structures you can check if setting up a statement with the local-name() approach will serve.

We assume that you are aware of / had researched the concept of the XML Namespaces. In case further help is needed then please share with us the XML data and a description of the expected output with us.

how to work with xml tag which is associated by its namespaces.I was reading about some post to use “//*” but I am not sure how to use this in ExecuteXpath activity.