Generate Data Table: Method not found: 'Void CsvHelper.Configuration.CsvConfiguration..ctor()'

Hello everyone,

I have a problem about using Generate Data Table after read a CSV file.
If the CSV Parsing the of Formatting Options is cheked, the error method not found will be founded (same like a tittle).

The configuration of that activity is below:

Anyone can help me?

Brian H

Hello @brian_satijadi

If you remove the CSV parsing is it working?
I think after reading a csv it will be in datatable format. whereas Generate Datatable can be used to convert string to datatable using some delimiter.


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Hi @brian_satijadi, I hope you are doing well.

This problem occurs because of various reasons:
1)Firstly, there is one more CsvHelper package in IntelligentOCR.
2)Secondly, this problem only occurs in the 4.9-preview version. If you downgrade to 4.8-preview you will be able to use CSV methods. Also, you can downgrade to stable versions but probably some activities are fine.
3)Thirdly, I suggest you should upgrade package ‘uipath.system.activities’ that contains CsvHelper.

Just check if any one of the 3 helps to solve your problem.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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if i unchecked the CSV Parsing option will be okay, but the data string of output the CSV cannot be generated to data table format.

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