Generate an XML from Datatable

I am working on a prototype to convert Datatable to XML document. XML is for complex structure where there are more than one attribute in an element with child elements that have multiple attributes. Is there any activity present to create a complex XML structure.
Eg of XML Structure expected <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<ARG_1 ID=“10” Name=“Name1” Code=“12345” />
<ARG_2 ID=“11” Name=“Name 2” Code=“00002” />
<ARG_3 ID=“12” Name=“Name 4” Code=“33000” />

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with the basics of the datatable methods it can be brought into a xml representation

on the connect platform you can find some components as well e.g.

Your case is looking like that you want to bring each row into the format:

  • ARG_RowIndex

Each column:

  • colname as attribute, colvalue as attribute value

For this you can write a custom conversion with the help of:

or you can convert the datatable into a intermediate format with the methods/compnents from above and then convert it into the target format with the help of a custom XLS Transformation

Let us know if you want to get some help on a custom conversion demo xaml


Thank you i will try this out :slight_smile:

find attached demo xaml:
DT_CustomXML_ConditionalTag.xaml (26.3 KB)

please do following:

  • download it into your uipath project properly (do not open link directly)
  • go to the Variable defaults and change thestrXMLFilePath Default Value according to your environment

Let us know your feedback


Thank you for this soluton. Its working great :slight_smile:

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