Function in Invoke Code with C#

I am trying to write C# code using invoke code activity with C# but when I am creating function it is not working and stating that “No compiled code to run”. Below is the example

catch(Exception ex)

Public void GetUserName(string username)

Please let me know what is the right way to call function in invoke code activity.

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I understand that each Invoke Code Block is a Function or Method, as it has both Input and Output variables, that is, you need to create your code routine inside this Invoke Code Block. As far as I know, UiPath doesn’t offer within this activity the possibility of writing classes, methods or functions.

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Thank you @Jorge_Cavalcante for replying on my query.
There is one function which I need to call recursively to get the last ID details.
Could you please help me how I can achieve this ?

if you have code in C# (class, methods or function) you can use it inside invoke code block.
Firstly you have to import all namespaces which you use:

Then you need set all arguments which you transferring between UiPath <-> C# code.

The last step is use you code without using any class/function/method.
Please get my example where I unhiding rows in Excel file using C# code in ‘invoke code method’: (22.5 KB)


Hello Ankit,
@Jorge_Cavalcante is right, the C# code, inside a Invoke Code Activitiy, is like a Main method of a class. To meet your requirements you can use Lambda functions.

Action<string> GetUserName = (string username) => {

try {
} catch(Exception ex){


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Hello, @StefanSchnell

I learned a little more from your answer. I never thought of using Lambda Functions in this scope. I believe I will use the Invoke Code activity a lot more from today.


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