FullName FUnction

Can someone please help me with FullName function in UI Path?

After Typing “FullName” i am not getting the relevant function.


Could you please tell more details about the issue ? What are you trying to achieve with this method ?

Hi Lakshman,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually i was bit confused while using substring function. I thought FUllName is function but its object variable.

What I was trying to active

  1. Accepting a string input from user and store in the particular variable and retrieve the number of character from that string

  2. And print the extracted character in message Box

While referring one of the video tutorial , i thought , Fullname is function

Now confusion is clear. Actually I am new In UI Path so it will take bit time get understand this basic details.

Anyways thanks for four quick attention on my post.


yah as you said we can use a simple SUBSTRING method to do this
stringvariable.ToString.SubString(start_Index As Integer, sub_length As Integer)

Cheers @swapnilw

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