From AddDataColumn activity how to specify name of my input DataColumn

Hello everyone, when I use the “AddDataColumn” activity and as input I pass a DataColumn variable, how could I specify the name of the column that it generates? because when I run the activity with the options that you can see in the image uipath generates the new column with a name “Column1” but I want the name “ColTest” to remain.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.


To create a new column we will be using add data column whre you can mention the name like below screenshot.

Hello, if I put the name in ColumnName I get the error “… Only one overload group should have its arguments configured”, I want to add a new column but passing it the data of the column of another datatable at the same time.

Fine then

Before using a ADD DATACOLUMN activity use this assign activity

dt_AperturaTemp.Columns(“Column1”).Columnname = “ColTest”

Then use the add datacolumn like this with input as in Column property


Cheers @Gerardo_Jesus_Ignacio_Vil

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