Fraud Management-Tracking Account Activity


Hello UiPath community,

I would like to do the task of detecting fraud activities which are present while carrying out account transactions.Will this Idea work? I would like to have an idea about how to approach and begin this task using this software.I need to construct a framework or algorithm before doing this task.I appreciate everyone’s involvement.


Welcome Derek to Ui path Community!

Sure your idea will work.First your create one sample workflow and upload it here.


Mr Derek
Its a simple topic. just try to get the live feeds from different sources. like if u r trying to get a fraud in banking accounts u will have to gain access to every account and their statements for the past 2 years. just try to find the misbehavior from that. like the amount deposited or the duration between which the transactions took place etc. if u need a details workflow, feel free to mail me @
or in ur case just slide to ur left:)


Dear Mr.Arun. Thanks for your reply.I would like to know how to gain acess to every account and statements.