Format date in UiPath

Hi All,

I am trying to copy and paste the below downloaded data (monthly) to my excel file.
However, I need to change the date format (row 7) to like how it is like in my excel file.

My excel file:

Downloaded data:

Is there any way I can get UiPath to do it?
I was thinking to either copy and paste only the data (from row 8) without the months, and after I pasted, I can get UiPath to drag the month up till where row 8 has data. Is it doable?

Alternatively, is there a way I can get UiPath to help me drag row 7 by one column, which means it will show May-22 beside Apr-22? Write and copy cell should return the same Apr instead of May…

@victorialim Yes, You can get data by range and Append it with other file with range.


Try these two activities.
use first first one to read row from your excel file and use 2nd activity to append in downloaded file. please use range for specific row

Hello @victorialim
Try this
You can use Read range actvities(Read Downloaded file), where range “AW7”
Use append reange and provide te path of You exel file