For Each UI Element activity not reading iterating through all the elements

Hello. I’m a new UiPath StudioX user so bear with me. I’m trying to scrape addresses for all bulleted elements from the following page: Summa Locations Near Me | Akron Hospital Locations - Summa Health System

I’ve built out a workflow within StudioX that utilizes a “For Each UI Element” activity and all the bulleted elements are selected. The actual data extraction piece works, but the process doesn’t click into all the element URLs.

I would upload the project, however I’m too new to do that yet.

Any thoughts on how to get UiPath to correctly identify all bulleted elements.



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You can use extract data activity for this. The below video will help you

Hi Sangeetha,

I have an extract data activity within my workflow. That isn’t the issue. The issue is the For Each UI Element activity not properly identifying all elements.


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You don’t need an for each UI element to extract the URL

After extracting URL in data table ,Using for each row in data table activity, you could open browser by passing the each url

Ah yes. Thank you for the thought. Still teying to get my activity nomenclature situated.

That was going to be my backup solution but i am curious as to how to get it to work using the For Each UI Element method. I pay for a separate webscrapper that can do it easily with the iteration method. So there has to be a solution.

Main.xaml (20.8 KB)

Here is the project with the For Each UI Element that is causing the issue.