For each row on table not working

I have a datatable with several values:

But when I access the datatable with for each row I can get no value:

And the data row has the following value:
DataRow { HasErrors=false, ItemArray=object[2] { , “ALCOO1N” }, RowError="", RowState=Added, Table=[TableName] }

May you tell me what the problem is?

Thanks in Advance


Could you please check the Input data once and i guess that cell value is empty.

I Did a Change and now row has the value:

DataRow { HasErrors=false, ItemArray=object[1] { “ALCOO1N” }, RowError="", RowState=Added, Table=[DataTable] }

And the datatable has the following values:

But in the for each row only I Get the value “ALCOO1N”




For each iteration you will get one row value only.


Yes but the datatable has two elements and for each row only get the second one.
What is wrong?


In that case it will be Data row and we can’t print DataRow directly using message box.

If you want to print rows at a time then try below expression.


Use column name while accessing it, instead of column index if you’re trying with index, as lakshman has given example