For each row and DataRow

Hi guys, I have a question when I use the “Add Data Row” activity while I trying to format my Excel data.

The situation I met is I’m trying to format the data inside the data table except header.
I decided to fetch each row from DT using “For each row” with “Add Data Row” together.

However, when I set the “DataRow” as “row(From “For each row”)” inside the “Add Data Row” input properties, the method is correct but it pops up the message that “Add Data Row: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

I’m confused that the source “row” from For each row is Type(DataRow) and set it to the DataRow(Input)(Properties)“Add Data Row”, but why it can not pass the method

Can you share your xaml?

Seems like - some circular reference - not sure about this so the file share request.