For Each Looping increasing Variables


So I am working on a for each Row. and have my variable assigned, but now I need it to increase to the next row. How do I go about that. I have included the picture for helpfulness, but I need my variable to increase.


@jdabringer As I understand, if you are using For Each/For Each Row, it automatically increments then loop/row counter. Are you talking about this counter?
What is the significance of variable1 in your workflow?
Currently, per the screenshot, your variable1 always takes in the string value of value in row18.

Can you be more specific about your problem please.

Your picture doesn’t show a ForEach activity. So the question is where is the ForEach activity? :grin:

Your ForEach will be the loop, so you don’t need to create a loop with the arrows. What you have done is created an infinite loop by connected the arrow. So if you disconnect that, your steps will end and loop to the next row inside your ForEach activity.

I hope that makes sense.


Ok my problem is that I have an assign variable as seen above in a different spot, but I want it to populate into the appointment schelduler, but when I do not have the loop lines drawn it never loops and the other problem is that it keeps running the same variable even when I take out the assign action above.

please see screenshot below.


Please see post recently posted

Yeah, so you have the Flowchart in your ForEach. All you need to do is disconnect the line and break your infinite loop.
If you delete that line, it will end that flowchart, then iterate to the next row in your For each.

Hope that helps.


I am facing a challenge, where I have to increment value inside for each. I have used count variable so it is incrementing but bot is still stuck a first row only, it is not going to the second row.
Can you guys help me on this ?